1.Step: Decide Your Stand Design

If you decided to participate in an exhibition in Istanbul, all you need to give an easy brief to us for your needs and budgets.We will offer you different kind of design solutions regarding your expectations.

2.Step: Decide Your Reinforcements

After you satisfy with your stand type, we will together forward for your other entails. We will keep in touch in every step to make a smooth determination and service. All you need to participate at your prepared stand with all services

We make Istanbul your hometown!

We make all our international costumers feel comfortable as they are participating in their home town. We care about your services, you care about your costumers

  • Designs Regarding Your Needs
  • Building up with Professional Team
  • Publishing: Ready at Your Stand
  • Wide Range of Hostesses
  • Turkish Gourmet Catering Services

Services that we offers

  • Stand Designs/Sketches
  • Stand Buildings
  • Furniture Rentals
  • Welcoming Hostesses
  • Video Shot & Collage
  • Catering Services
  • Publishing Services

SaDe cooperate with the experienced talented designers. Basic package
stands, maximas, classic wooden designs and creative & modern woodens are
designing by the different professional designers. You will have an account
executive that have the brief to decide which designer will draw your stand.

  • Stating the Budget Range
  • Determining the Stand Type
  • Listing the Exhibit Products
  • Drawing the First Sketch
  • Consideration & Revising

SaDe woodworking team has a wide and well equipped manufacturing
area. It is composed by professional carpenters that able to build up any kind complicated stands. Modular team also composed by professional members
and has a wide range of modular systems

  • Equipped Processing Area
  • Professional Carpenters
  • Experienced Modular Team
  • Organized Storage Facility
  • Wide Range of Modulars

Because SaDe is also building modular packages to exhibition organizers,
it has a diversified amount and kind of furniture and furniture packages as
from a big video walls or different flooring choices to simple table top flowers
or kettles. All furnitures are new branded.

  • Wide Range of Furnitures
  • Comfortable Choices
  • Presentation Electronics
  • Colorizing Adorments
  • New Branded Products

We are aware of the importance of the participant hostess that represent and front page of your company in very first step at your stand. Our hostesses are experienced about exhibitions. We offer befitting, polite and smart hostesses that represent your brand and company properly at your stand.

  • Welcoming Hostesses
  • Translator Hostesses
  • Catering Hostesses
  • Brochure Delivery Hostesses
  • A+ Model Hostesses

We proud to announce the mutual agreement with Mr. Eren who is a famous photographer & film maker prepared a Image Package for your participation.
The Package is including Professional Photo and Professional Video Shooting, collage, trailer and interwieving with manager(s) during your participation.

  • Video Shots
  • Photographing
  • Collage
  • Introduction Film
  • Interwieving

Of course exhibitors do care about the people they visit their stand. Offering
cold drinks for tired visitors, some snacks to make them comfortable is a kind thought and the good way to expose you care about them. SaDe is care
about you to care about your visitors with elit catering service.

  • Package Solutions
  • Coctail Arrangements
  • Sandwich Menu for Staff
  • Snack Menu for Visitors
  • Coffe / Tea Machines

International exhibitors need more services than locals. Even a forgotten business card would appear a chaos. SaDe cover all needs of international exhibitors. We offer complete publishing services including design, as flyers, catalogues, business cards, and even digital wearing of your stand walls.

  • Complete Design Solutions
  • All Kind Publishing Services
  • Digital Printing & Design
  • Make Ready at Your Stand
  • Free Delivery

samples from projects

Checkout "Image Package" featured video

Eren Studio, Mr. Eren who is a famous photographer and film maker that agreed to cooperate with SaDe to offer IMAGE PACKAGE of our costumers. The Package is including Professional Photo and Video Shooting during your participation (2. day of the exhibition). Shooting photos and interwiev with responsible person will be included. (Interwiev: 1 minute - Photos: 60 shots) the collage will be given to you to use it in your PR activities, Web Pages or introductions.

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sade: private servicing in german quality with Turkish hospitality for exhibitors

SaDe is target to cover all needs an exhibitor to let them focus only their own business at the exhibitions. In that case, SaDe offers a "complete" service to its clients in German quality with Turkish hospitality to let them focus on their own business only.

Professional care for your participation in Istanbul



we worked with awesome clients

Great City Istanbul

Istanbul is the center of continents, city of history, passion and love
We love where we leave and we want our costumers to enjoy Istanbul before leave.

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